by Natbird + Crownley

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Music by Nat Wesley and Cameron Crowley. Lyrics and vocals by Cameron Crowley. Produced by Nat Wesley.

Remixes by Needless Noise (, St. Marcellus (, and svarta (

Artwork by Nat Wesley and Zeke Austin.


released May 20, 2013






i'm 20. i make music.

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Track Name: Catacomb
benign chords in a vertical let-down
permit the vested cacophonous settlers to follow you
relaying feathers all falling in step
with the first step and a next step with the next step
it all repeats again for you
but don't touch my face
because I just can't leave again
please hold my place
because a crow came and told of the world he resides in
we all fell in shame
laughing hard at the world and its textbook surprises
when a wing flap told us all we need to know to respect his devices

Hammered on a nest of lightning poles
don the organ with a casting chrome
rainbow line above the open space
meddle with a cold and slipshot stain
but they align in a wretched place
rather burn me than live to play those
messages erased
following guides to help me
bare its face
to all of the colors in a rhythm tantrum bellowing
wailing aloud all his catacomb lies

Feral is he with the mask I carved out of blue-gray headlines
tearing the keys from the clavier working at its time
and you believed him as though his beak could tell no lies
put up defenses despite all the quills he sent your mind